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About The Folly

The Folly Boutique is an online shop specializing in designer statement jewellery featuring well-established and well-loved designers, alongside relatively unknown new designers, but who all create bold statement contemporary jewellery.

Not only is The Folly Boutique the go-to website to buy high-end designer jewellery, it also offers a rental service so everyone can experience the joy of these beautiful pieces for a fraction of the price.

The Folly Boutique was launched in October 2013. The brainchild of Sophie Moore, the owner and director, The Folly is the place for fashion lovers and brides wanting something that little bit different to find exquisite unusual costume and statement jewellery. 

The Folly Boutique allows us all to wear stunning designer jewellery without breaking the bank. Rent it or buy it, The Folly Boutique showcases a huge selection of handpicked designers ranging from the relatively unknown to the top dogs in the fashion jewellery world. 



About Sophie

Sophie, having working in jewellery most of her teenage years and 20’s, found the lack of rentable (and affordable!) designer jewellery infuriating when planning for her wedding. The idea of creating a beautiful online shop full of genuine designer statement jewellery available for all to buy or even rent for fraction of the price gently brewed over 2 years. Then in March 2013, The Folly Boutique was born. 

Working in jewellery shops on and off for a decade, then working for the prestigious designer Mawi, gave Sophie a great understanding of running a jewellery business. Her Fine Art degree then lead her to the Art industry where for many years she worked for the infamous artist Damien Hirst. Combining her love of jewellery and creativity, there was only one way forward – creating a designer shop to promote and indorse unusual statement jewellery, making it accessible for all to wear whether they can afford to buy it outright or prefer to rent.

Enjoy using The Folly Boutique as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

The Folly Boutique
Sophie Moore



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